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Efficient Cesspool Pumping

Get your commercial or residential cesspool pumped quickly and effectively by the experts at Kona Lua in Kailua Kona today! Your cesspool will be taken care of by certified technicians.

Between cesspool cleanings, make sure your cesspool is working at its best capacity.


You can get a Sewer Aide which is used to breakdown the organic matter to help prevent backups as well as aide in maintaining your cesspool.

Easy Cesspool Maintenance

If your cesspool is overflowing or backed up, Kona Lua can come out and pump it all up!


We're certified to handle cesspool pumping with the highest level of cleanliness and safety for your benefit, so your emergency will be over quickly!

EMERGENCY Pumping on Call

FREE inspection for your pumping


We're the exclusive carriers of Sewer Aide maintenance kits, so let us help you keep your systems working smoothly!

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